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If you are a Job-seeker, we classify you as our Talent Partner


NumeroUno is conceptualized and headed by K Subramanian, a veteran banker, with a vast experience of over 20 years in the Banking sector - having worked with State Bank of India, IDBI Bank, ICICI Bank and Barclays Bank. Given this background, our approach towards you, our Talent Partners, is twin-edged:

  • Fundamental, because we lay a lot of stress and emphasis on preparation/groundwork and the need to go that extra mile, to help you reach your ultimate goal – to become Number 1 in your career.
  • Dynamic, because for each profile which we identify from an employer, we help you mould yourselves in understanding the urgency, need and the specific skill-sets required by the profile that you are applying for.


Personal Connect

We spend time to get to know you and use our judgment, insights and analysis to power your search. NumeroUno is dedicated to ensure that once you come to us, we take care of your search while you focus on your current jobs. And we'll always be there to guide you through the entire recruitment process. We aim to gain the reputation of being a trusted, competent and reliable Executive Search Consultant..


Our Commitments

At NumeroUno, we are committed to find Jobs that best fit your Qualification, Experience and areas of Interest. We will be there to help you sail through the entire process of Identification, Selection and Placement. Whether it is equipping you with resume writing skills, to providing you basic training on personality development, we will be there for you.


NumeroUno Creme:

A unique initiative for the crème-de-la-crème among our Talent Partners i.e. Candidates in the upper end of the Spectrum in the Management structure – the Mid Management and Top Management candidates looking for a change from their current positions. Right from updating your CV as per Internationally acceptable formats, to ensuring that your CV is viewed by the best of the Organizations in the industry, providing you valuable tips before facing the Interview panel and finally, some basic but essential tips, towards settling down comfortably into your new environment. We do it all, for our NumeroUno Creme. To avail of this service, you need to become our Associate Member and of course, there would be a nominal cost attached to it. But we are sure once you are settled into the role of your choice, you would definitely want to thank us for the handholding that you got through the entire process.


So why wait…… Partner us….. Come... Become No. 1