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Short term course on Soft Skills & Personality Development !!

Topics covered during the course:
  • Communication Skills – Verbal and non-Verbal, Professional & Business
  • Team Skills – Creativity, Problem solving, Interpersonal skills
  • English language Skills – Spoken and written English
  • Job Search Skills – Resume writing, Company research
  • Presentation Skills - Interview skills, Group discussion, effective Public speaking
  • Positive Attitude – Situation analysis, Stress management, Motivation

Highlights of the course:
  • Diverse & Practical set of Skills required to succeed in today’s commercial world.
  • Visible evolvement of each student in the areas of business communication
  • Group activities, Projects and real life scenarios to form the Core..
  • Minimal use of PowerPoint presentations – focus on participative discussions
  • Convenient timings as suggested by the college

Course benefits towards a great career:
  • Opening the doors to a potential career in the Corporate world
  • A cut above other students when companies come visiting during Campus Placements
  • Leverage on these skills while facing the interview panels
  • A few good initial foundation years in India would open up huge opportunities for overseas careers in the Corporate world!!

  Course Duration   40 hours  
  Classes   2 days a week (2 hours per session)  
  Timing   Weekdays / Weekends
(depending on the batch)
  Conducted at   College classrooms  
  Conducted during   During Academic year  
  Fees   To be finalised  
  Certification   Joint certification by NumeroUno Academy & the College  

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