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Company Profile

Established in May 2010 and having a management team of experienced professionals with more than 2 decades in the field of Banking, specifically in the area of International Trade, we would like to introduce ourselves as NumeroUno.

At present we have the following business verticals:
- Training
- Consulting
- Placements
- Financial Assistance

A few of the topics that we undertake training assignments are as under:
  • FEMA guidelines and Basics of Trade
  • Letters of Credit, Imports, UCP 600, ISBP
  • Exports and Export Finance – Pre and Post Shipment
  • Bill Discounting, Invoice Discounting
  • Incoterms 2010
  • Bank Guarantees, URDG 758
  • Buyers Credit, Suppliers Credit, External Commercial Borrowings
  • Structured Trade Finance Products - like Factoring, Forfaiting, Avalization
  • Bills on Collection, URC 522
  • Discrepancy management and documentation under Letters of Credit
  • Standby Letter of Credit, ISP 98
  • EEFC accounts
  • Any other related topics pertaining to International Trade

About NumeroUno Academy of Banking & International Business (NABIB)
Till recently, we have always been conducting external trainings, either at a common platform or at the Client’s premises. However, keeping in view the dearth of genuinely professional and practical training schools in the area of International Trade and related Banking products, we have taken an in-principle decision to start our own in-house Training Academy, where our primary objective is to enhance the product knowledge, employability of the candidate and thereby ensure that they have a successful career – whether as a working professional OR as an entrepreneur.

At our Training academy we propose to develop the following product knowledge & skills in the candidate:
1. International Business
2. Banking
3. Trade Finance
4. Spoken English
5. Personality Development

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