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Welcome to Numerouno Academy

NumeroUno – the Spanish connotation for “Number 1”.

We have always heard and imbibed the saying “You will be, what you aspire to be”. At NumeroUno, we urge all our patrons to aspire to be Number 1, in their respective fields. To reach this aspirational level, there are a few core values that need to be ingrained into the individual’s personality :
  • Relevant Knowledge
  • Endless Determination
  • Passion to succeed
  • Enhanced Employability

Towards ensuring that the above values are inculcated well and truly into all our fellow students, NumeroUno Academy of Banking and International Business (NABIB) offers comprehensive and industry relevant courses in the areas of Banking and International Business. Spread comfortably over a period of 4 months without disrupting the present schedule of the participants (whether working OR studying), these courses aim to make the participants more Employable and ensure that companies wanting to hire employees should get relevant and skilled resources that are ideal for the role on hand.

To ensure increased employability for more and more people in our country, specifically in the areas of Banking and International Business, by providing a common platform for all aspirants to reach the aspirational level... Number 1
To become the Number 1 training academy in India in the areas of Banking and International Trade and ensure all participants have a successful career – either as a Working Professional OR as an Entrepreneur

Come, open the doors to a bright future... Come, join NABIB !!!

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