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Our Services

If you are an Importer:

  • Provide guidance on L/c Issuance and relevant topics like types of L/c, documentation under L/c, Incoterms, etc.
  • Provide guidance on specialized transactions like Merchanting Trade, Transferrable L/cs, Standby L/cs, Back-to-back L/cs
  • Guidance on financial products for Imports like Buyers Credit, ECB, FDI etc.


If you are an Exporter:

  • Guidance on Exports and Export Finance from a FEMA perspective
  • Products like Factoring, Forfaiting, Avalization and L/c Bill Discounting (including Discrepancy Management)
  • Understanding the finer points on Bank Guarantees to ensure that there are no points that would be adverse to the interests of your company


Financial Assistance that we can provide:

  • Fund based and Non-fund based limits like - LC/BG/WC/TL/FCY loans, etc
  • Financial products for Imports like Buyers Credit, ECB
  • SBLC backed funding, LAP, etc.
  • Structured finance like Factoring, Forfaiting, Avalization
  • Setting up an office at an overseas centre like Singapore / Dubai with relevant Bank accounts / bank limits overseas